11 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic in 2019


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Looking to boost your SEO in 2019? Try this list of actionable, easy‐to‐understand SEO techniques on for size.

Most lists of SEO techniques are quite vague:

Write great content (?) Build some backlinks (??) Optimize for Rankbrain (…???!) …

Yeah, right… *hits back button*

In this post, we do away with ambiguity and focus on a handful of actionable SEO techniques that get results. Let’s go.

1. Improve titles and descriptions to boost CTR

SEO isn’t just about ranking. *gasp*

Let’s say that you rank #1 for a keyword with thousands of monthly searches. You won’t get traffic unless people actually click on your page in the search results.

That’s why it’s important to optimize for clicks. But how?

Two main things affect your click‐through rate (CTR):

Title tag Meta description

These are the two HTML tags that show up in the search results…

An example of how the meta title and description look in Google’s search results.

… and they’re all you have to win