2Do is the highly rate Mac app that helps you get more done, and it’s $30 off


You know what turns so many people off to using task management apps? It’s the fact that these alleged time-saving tools take so many steps to actually use! If you end up burning several minutes logging into an app, imputing your information and saving it to a reminder calendar, isn’t it often just a bigger hassle than it’s worth?

2Do Task Manager feels your pain. In fact, they designed their productivity app with speed very much in mind. A tool garnering a nearly 5-star rating through the Mac App Store, you can let 2Do Task Manager optimize your life for $19.99 (60 percent off its regular price) from TNW Deals.

Once you dig into 2Do, you’ll find stacks of cool time-saving features that can be deployed in seconds. It starts with Quick Entry, which allows users to insert notes, URLs, addresses and more within seconds. From a full complement of sort, focus, tag, location and date-range filters, 2Do lets you keep, organize and manage all your workflows any way you like.

Meanwhile, the List feature lets you immediately group related tasks together and apply sorting, search filters and focus filters on each list separately.  Or, you can sort them into