4/20 isn't just a 'stoner' holiday. It's an opportunity for activism.


4/20 can be about so much more than smoking up Image: Getty Images By Heather Dockray2019-04-20 19:17:08 UTC

At my college, 4/20 was marijuana Christmas. Every year at that time, people would go outside, put on their worst possible pants, turn up the jam band radio stations (String Cheese Incident, baby!!!), and smoke up.

As much as I loved seeing my fellow classmates roll down grassy hills, the 4/20 of 2019 has become more than a traditional stoner’s holiday. It’s also an incredible opportunity to advocate on behalf of legal marijuana, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

Want proof? Just browse through some of the material under the #Happy420 Twitter hashtag.

With multiple Democratic presidential candidates now pushing for the full or partial legalization of marijuana, 2019 has already been a banner year for the legal weed movement.

Here’s how you can become more involved.

1. Yell at the Democratic primary candidates

Multiple presidential candidates, including Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, Jay Inslee, and Elizabeth Warren, have already aggressively pushed for the full legalization of marijuana. Other Democratic presidential candidates, including Senator Amy Klobuchar and (allegedly soon-to-be) presidential candidate Joe Biden hold far more tentative positions. If you’re an advocate for