5 Rookie Mistakes eCommerce Merchants Should Avoid


New to the eCommerce business or starting an online eCommerce branch for your own brand? Marketing mistakes may damage your site in the long-run but a well search engine optimized website can boost your profits, increase conversions, and enhance your website’s user experience.

According to statistics, over half eCommerce startups fail because of the top brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba have millions of dollars to spend on marketing budgets and have teams of marketing experts working constantly to keep them leading brands. If your site wants a shot of competing with the top opponents then you want to prevent the following marketing mistakes.

Ignoring Mobile Users

Users are currently accessing the Internet on tablets, smartphones and buying products online through mobile apps, which is why having a mobile responsive website is most important for your eCommerce enterprise. If you are not optimizing your website for mobile users then you’re losing potentially a 50% increase of traffic for your site.

In May 2016, Google rolled out the Google mobile friendly algorithm (aka Mobilegeddon), which penalized websites in the SERPs if the web design was not mobile responsive. Check if your site is in compliance to the algorithm update with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.


Ignoring Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO Issues can ruin site performance and rankings, and keeping update date on the latest technical SEO best practices can be a quick way to strengthen your site’s ranking potential. Ensure you are within SEO best practices by auditing your business’ domain web pages for these important technical Search Engine Optimization issues on a monthly basis:

  • Website Navigation – Pages have good internal linking and are no more than one navigable page from the home page (i.e. organizing content into categories).
  • Duplicate Product Pages and Contents – Understanding “canonicalization” can help the search engine crawlers to understand if large blocks of content are similar on different product or service pages.
  • Structure of web URLs – Whenever possible, use a single domain or subdomain.
  • 301s Redirects – If you need to consolidate or redirect web pages, ensure 301s are functioning to retain SEO value.
  • 404s – Scan website for new 401 errors and fix internal and external broken links.
  • iFrames and Flash – Vary types of media on your website by including content in iFrames or Flash formats.
  • Site speed – Certain elements of a site’s design may be bogging down site load speed.
  • Robots.txt issue – Keep on top of crawling errors and warnings.

Half of ranking is dependent upon effective technical SEO practices, so if you have the knowledge or ability address these technical issues regularly or hire a professional.

Wrong Host Platform

Your website is the basis of your business and the face of your brand. If you choose the wrong eCommerce platform then you are placing yourself in danger. While picking best eCommerce platform for your business, you must consider the following:

  • Assess the hardware and software limits
  • What will be the Payment Methods which are suitable for mobile trade
  • Just how much do you have control over your online shop
  • Just how much help with marketing
  • Can there be Drop-shipping options
  • Third-party integration Alternatives

Apart from the eCommerce platform, choosing hosting services is also important to run an eCommerce online shop and a web hosting can make or break your site’s functionality. For eCommerce security and dependability, you must choose the best hosting provider based on their offers and features like SSL Certificates, protection from viruses, backup capability, and technical support services.

Complicated Checkout Procedure

Everybody isn’t technologically savvy and if you want to enhance your customer experience and your conversion rates then you have to avoid using a complicated checkout process. Do not add unnecessary steps that cause clients to include unwanted information in the checkout procedure. Make it simple so that all people may make a readily, like providing a guest account login.

No “About” or “Contact Us” Page

Among the big mistakes new eCommerce or any unknown brands make is forgetting contact or about us pages. Your customers need support and way to reach out if they have questions during the decision-making process. Some customers avoid making purchases with relativly unknown brands, and having a contact or about us page will guarantee your business and brand information can be easily reviewed by a potential customer. You can also add your contact and other small business information in the footer of the website if you don’t want to create seperate pages.

Bad Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy isn’t an easy task by any measure. Having bad customer services can ruin your brand’s reputation and a recent survey found businesses billions in revenue due to inadequate customer solutions. Clients want to resolve their problems as soon as possible, and having the right automation tools can ensure they are responded instantaneously. Consider implementing AI technologies like online chat or chat bot systems or running automated scripts when a customer tries to contact you through your website or social media accounts.