5 Tips for Signing More Deals at Trade Shows


Face-to-face interaction is proven to be one of the most effective tools you can use to generate sales for your business. Trade shows and events offer the opportunity to meet all your clients and prospective clients in one place at one time. Go back to work with a bunch of new business with these tips to sign more deals at trade shows.

  1. Stake Out A Private Meeting Area

Using a booth to draw in floor traffic is essential. Booths and meeting spaces provide the opportunity to meet new folks, exhibit your product, and give your pitch. But what about when you want more privacy? A booked meeting area where you can privately serve your prospects makes them feel significant. Reserving a private room on or near the display floor gives you somewhere to answer questions, discuss particulars, and sign the contract without any distractions.

  1. Refine your Elevator Pitch

The attention span of an attendee is extremely short, particularly when there are so many things going on the display floor. So it is critical to refine your elevator pitch. You shouldn’t only have stats and product details memorized, you need to prepare pitches that are catered to the prospects you’re talking to. Give them the “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) information.

  1. Attract with Content

You need to have user-focused marketing materials to attract and convert customers. It can be anything from eye-catching signage into a product demonstration that brings the consumer into your booth. Once they’re drawn in, be sure to have all documents records such as product/service information, pricing, testimonials, and research. Anything that can help them along the purchaser’s journey from the consciousness to the consideration to the decision phases.

  1. Leverage Research

Analyzing the attendee list in advance is a great way for you to get the upper hand before you arrive at the show. Use the data to tailor your elevator pitch, and prepare demos to specifically show companies how your product will benefit them. This gives you the ability to talk to prospects on a more personal level. Show consumers you took the opportunity to find out about them and they will surely return the favor.

  1. Use CTA’s

Consider connecting the CTA’s in your marketing materials to something the attendee can do at the event. Try having a scannable QR code that sends them to some meeting scheduler. This motivates them to find a time that is convenient for them to meet you personally, instead of pushing out times that work for you.

If you would want to close deals, don’t go into a trade show blind. Do your attendee research. Concentrate on WIIFM pitches. Take your carefully researched and prepared materials and find a private meeting so that you can close the deal.

Extra tip: To get the close, get your mind off the near. Do not begin a conversation thinking of how to end it. Be an active listener and cultivate a connection. Do not stress if the deal isn’t happening fast. Relax and follow the actions which you have ready and the bargains will happen in good time.