Amazon announces AWS Outposts, in partnership with VMware, to let customers order and run data center hardware seamlessly alongside their cloud servers (Tom Krazit/GeekWire)

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AWS CEO Andy Jassy (left) and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger introduce AWS Outposts at re:Invent 2018. (GeekWire Photo / Tom Krazit)

LAS VEGAS – The hybrid cloud has become an essential part of enterprise computing, and Amazon Web Services has decided to bring the cloud to its customers’ data centers.

Starting next year, AWS will allow customers to order the same hardware that it uses to power its cloud services to run in their own data centers through a service called AWS Outposts. Building on its partnership with VMware, AWS Outposts will allow customers to enjoy a consistent set of hardware, software and services across their own servers and cloud servers, said AWS CEO Andy Jassy.

Jassy was joined on stage by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to reveal the new service, which will also come with VMware-designed software that helps blend the two operating environments. It will be available in 2019.

Customers will have two options: they can run VMware Cloud on AWS on AWS Outposts, or they can run something called “AWS native” to enable this hybrid cloud setup. AWS will “deliver racks, install them, and then we’ll do all the maintenance and repair on them,” Jassy said.

(More to come.)

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