Amazon says it now requires Amazon Flex delivery drivers to snap selfies on the road to verify their identities (Hayley Peterson/Business Insider)


Amazon is requiring delivery drivers to snap selfies on the road to verify their identities, the company confirmed to Business Insider.

The new requirements apply to Amazon Flex drivers, who work as independent contractors and deliver packages using their own vehicles.

The Amazon Flex app recently started prompting some drivers to share selfies with a pop-up message that says: “To continue delivering, please help us verify your identity by taking a selfie. Do not take a selfie while driving. This photo won’t be shown to customers.”

The app uses facial-recognition software to determine whether the photos match images stored in drivers’ accounts.

The selfies are meant to protect drivers from unauthorized usage of their Flex accounts, an Amazon spokeswoman said.

In other words, the photos could prevent people — some of whom may not have undergone background checks or be authorized to work for Amazon — from delivering packages under accounts that don’t belong to them.

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Before Amazon started requesting selfies, the company asked drivers to consent to the collection and storage of their photos and biometric data.

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