Amazon’s market share was dramatically downgraded, and it could be a weirdly good thing for Jeff Bezos


Amazon is America’s second biggest company and the most valuable brand on the planet, but its estimated market share was just dramatically cut. eMarketer reduced its estimate for Amazon’s market share of 2019 online sales in the US from 47% to 37.7% after the tech firm published figures on third-party sales. The downgrade could actually be weirdly good news for Amazon, which is trying to play down its size at a time when potential tech antitrust investigations are looming. Visit for more stories.

A new estimate of Amazon’s market share reveals that the tech giant is not as dominant as we once thought.

Amazon is the second biggest company in America, with a market cap of $921 billion, and was this week named as the most valuable brand on the planet.

But its estimated share of US e-commerce sales was dramatically cut by eMarketer, which is frequently cited as a reliable source for Amazon’s market share.

The research firm downgraded its percentage of 2019 online retail sales in the US from 47% to 37.7%, The Information reported on Thursday.

eMarketer told Business Insider that it reassessed its estimates after CEO Jeff Bezos announced in his annual letter to

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