AMP Stories Now Have a Dedicated Section in Google Search Results by @MattGSouthern


Google is adding a new section to search results which is dedicated to AMP Stories.

AMP Stories was announced over a year ago and now they’re rolling out in a big way.

This news was revealed at last night’s AMP conference in Tokyo:

AMP Stories now appears in a dedicated section in search results for general queries such as “things to do in Tokyo”. It’s a new opportunity to attract users in SEO. #ampconf

— Kenichi Suzuki💫鈴木謙一 (@suzukik) April 17, 2019

AMP Stories are exactly what they sound like – Instagram-like stories that are built on the AMP framework.

In addition to having a dedicated block in search results, AMP Stories can be linked to just like any other web page. That’s the key difference between AMP Stories and other types of stories.

They will also exist for as long as the creator wants to keep them on the web. Traditionally, stories have been temporary pieces of content that disappear after 24 hours.

To see an example of AMP Stories in action, check out the announcement video below:

[embedded content]

AMP Stories will first appear for travel-related content and will appear for other types of searches at