BigCommerce for Drupal launched in partnership with Acro Media


BigCommerce have announced BigCommerce for Drupal, a headless commerce module built specifically for the open-source content management system (CMS). Developed in partnership with Acro Media, BigCommerce for Drupal gives brands the ability to embed flexible, enterprise-level ecommerce functionality into revolutionary customer experiences created within Drupal’s highly-extensible and secure CMS.

Headless commerce describes the practise of disengaging the back end (CMS) from the front end (presentation) enabling developers to deliver content such as products, blog posts or customer reviews through APIs while fron end developers worry about presenting the content to the end user. This means that retailer can manage their products and other content on one easy to use platform while another handles the presentation to the consumer.

Available now in the Drupal module library, BigCommerce for Drupal facilitates an agile headless commerce architecture for merchants by decoupling Drupal’s powerful front-end CMS and BigCommerce’s scalable commerce engine. Knitted together by fast, open-source APIs, the module allows the two platforms to operate simultaneously and more efficiently within a single interface. Additionally, BigCommerce for Drupal is built directly into Drupal Commerce, making it compatible with the many existing themes and modules available within Drupal Commerce.

“Shopping experiences should not be limited

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