Bitcoin Daily: Think Tank Wants Common Crypto Rules In The EU, Record-Breaking CryptoKitty Nets $170,000


Bruegel, a think tank based in Brussels, is calling for regulation of digital currency exchanges at the European Union (EU) level, as well as more defined rules for initial coin offerings (ICOs), Reuters reported. The news outlet viewed the document, which was prepared for EU finance ministers ahead of their meeting in Vienna on Friday and Saturday (Sept. 7 and 8).

In other news, blockchain startup Smart Valor has gotten the nod from regulators to work in the financial market in Switzerland, according to Reuters. While the group will not have direct supervision from FINMA, it will fall under a self-regulatory organization called the VQF. Going forward, the firm plans to roll out an alternative investment platform that would encompass crypto.

A record-breaking CryptoKitty called Dragon has been sold for the price of 600 Ethereum (about $170,000), The Next Web reported. That CryptoKitty sold for more than Founder Cat #18, which netted 253 Ethereum (about $110,000) when it was sold in December of 2017.

MEGA has reportedly suffered a hack designed to take passwords and private keys, The Next Web said. The hackers were reportedly able to make a nefarious update to the service’s Chrome browser extension that was uploaded to Google’s Chrome Web Store.

F5 Labs researchers are claiming that a new campaign for crypto mining is utilizing a bug in Apache, ZDNet reported. The flaw can impact machines running Linux, but users can be protected through an updated build. That said, users without the update could still be vulnerable candidates for the campaign.

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is testing blockchain technology through a platform for trade finance, Cryptovest reported. The system, called The Bay Area Trade Finance Blockchain Platform, is in testing within the financial institutions of Shenzhen. It is reportedly a project by the Shenzhen branch of the central bank and the digital currency research lab of the PBoC.

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