Bitcoin Investor: Thai Military Wants Me Dead Over SeaStead Project


An early Bitcoin investor’s short-lived dream lifestyle has turned into a nightmare after the Thai navy has accused him of breaching the nation’s sovereignty. Chad Elwartowski’s SeaStead floating home is apparently too close to the Thai coastline.The idea of SeaSteading is to create a living space on a floating vessel out in international waters and not under the jurisdiction of any nation state. According to Elwartowski, the Thai military now wants both him and his girlfriend dead.Couple on the Run from Thai Authorities Over SeaSteadAs reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, a Bitcoin investor and his girlfriend have gone into hiding because of apparent threats made against the pair’s lives by the Thai military. Chad Elwartowski and Supranee Thepdet, also known as “Bitcoin Girl Thailand”, could face charges of breaching the Kingdom of Thailand’s sovereignty.NewsBTC first reported on Elwartowski and Thepdet’s successful launch of the planet’s first SeaStead early last month. Just weeks later, the two are apparently wanted dead for building it too close to the Thai coast.To those who don’t know, a SeaStead is a floating vessel designed for individuals to live in. The idea behind the SeaSteading project is to create living spaces outside of the law