Boeing's reputation has been stained by the 737 Max, and it's going to have to fight to convince people the plane is safe (BA)


The 737 Max is the fastest-selling jet in Boeing’s storied history. Since 2011, the Chicago-based aviation giant has taken about 5,000 orders for the latest generation of the venerable 737.

The various versions of the Boeing 737 account for 80% of Boeing’s 5,800-plane order backlog.

It’s been five months since the first Boeing 737 Max — Lion Air Flight JT610 — crashed off the coast of Indonesia and a month since Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 went down.

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The entire 737 Max fleet is grounded as Boeing works to get a fix for the plane’s control software issues certified by regulators.

“The 737 Max grounding and what we are learning from it shows that this is not the typical airplane accident we’ve seen in the past and this is not the typical airplane grounding we’ve seen recently,” Henry Harteveldt, a longtime travel-industry analyst, said to Business Insider in an interview. “This is a very serious problem for Boeing and a big problem for the airline operators and a problem I don’t think will be easy to fix.”

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