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Our Vision
AnswerFirst envisions a healthy world filled with happy people enjoying exceptional customer care.

Our Mission
To ensure stakeholder success through sound economic, social and environmental policies, resulting in global growth.

Our Values
Above all we value integrity, respect, accountability and diversity.

Founded in 1997, 3dcart is a complete and robust eCommerce platform designed to help online store owners thrive in a competitive market. With hundreds of features built directly into its software, business owners can effectively open, operate and maintain a successful online store with relative ease and efficiency.

Today, we are an Inc. 5000 company, a Visa PCI Certified provider and a pioneer in mobile commerce and digital marketing.

Founded in 2005, Ethoca is the leading, global provider of collaboration-based technology that enables card issuers, ecommerce merchants and online businesses to increase transaction acceptance, stop more fraud, recover lost revenue and eliminate chargebacks from both fraud and customer service disputes.

Through the Ethoca Network – the largest in the industry – we're closing the information gap between card issuers and merchants. This unique capability makes fraud and customer dispute insight available and actionable in real time. Our suite of services delivers significant revenue growth and cost saving opportunities for thousands of merchants and hundreds of issuers across the globe. This includes the world’s biggest ecommerce brands and largest banks.

We provide a world class website building platform to over 110 million users in 190 countries. Wix has something for everyone. So, whether you’re a photographer, musician, small business owner, entrepreneur, bride or student, we provide all the tools and features you need to build an amazing online presence for FREE.

Create your own original website that reflects you or your brand and get online today. We keep complex techy processes behind the curtain and guarantee that your experience is simple, fun and code-free.

We have the only drag and drop website building platform with HTML5 capabilities, 500+ designer-made templates, top grade hosting, innovative Apps, and 1000s of features for free. We offer valuable premium services (hey, we need to make money too), but our business model allows us to provide complete websites to everyone - for free.

For the longest time, ecommerce technology lacked the innovation and sophistication required to meet the complex needs of subscription and recurring billing models, let alone performance marketing merchants. Faced with a lack of quality choices, merchants pieced together mismatched point-solutions and home grown bits and pieces creating inefficient, complex, and costly processing environments.

LimeLight changed that.

Founded in 2008, we started building core transaction execution and processing functions designed specifically for the performance-based marketer, now defined within the subscription ecommerce segment. Spanning the entire value chain, linking where your customers come from with the details of processing and support, we deliver the intelligence you need to acquire customers, process transactions, manage risk, and improve your bottom line.

With a team of engineers, data scientists, and seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in performance marketing, mobile payments, and enterprise technology, we’re excited to work with our global clients who push us to take our solution to the next level.

Since their days at PayPal and FedEx more than a decade ago, Signifyd’s founders knew something wasn’t right about the way online retailers were on the hook for fraud.

Fraud protection at the time was a world of cryptic scores that humans puzzled over before deciding whether an orders should be shipped or cancelled as fraudulent. A wrong answer meant either losing out to fraudsters or withholding orders from legitimate customers.

There had to be a better way — a way that relied on big data, machine learning and domain expertise to offer a yes-or-no decision on an order in milliseconds.

And so, Signifyd was born.

We backed the idea and the technology with a 100 percent financial guarantee on any approved order that later turned out to be fraudulent. Signifyd is now the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection.

Orderwave was born out of a long history of doing order management for a variety of customers. Before we named the product, we started helping clients who were running DRTV (infomercial) campaigns that needed help with creating packing slips, managing inventory, and capturing payments.

We began to recognize the potential of a full-featured software suite that would combine all of the necessary back-office and logistical requirements of order management into one web-based solution, and the culmination of that experience and effort became Orderwave.

For over 35 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. We were a pioneer in the now exploding alternative credit data space and as such have refined our products and services to deliver true business value.

At our core, we believe that any successful company needs access to the right information to make the smartest decisions possible.

Over the years, MicroBilt has invested heavily in acquiring best-in-class data. We’ve built sophisticated systems for keeping our data fresh and accurate and powerful predictive models for making decisions around lending, leasing, collections and risk management.

With an eye to the needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises often left out of the big data game, MicroBilt has also structured our products to be right-sized for your business. With MicroBilt you can customize the products you need, and how much you want to spend. And all of our products are provided through a single, simple, access portal.

Whether you’re working in originations or debt collection, screening a potential hire or tenant, planning for growth or keeping up with regulatory requirements, MicroBilt can be your partner, providing the insight and information you need to protect your business, grow your bottom line, and keep your company running smoothly.

Marketela was created to help businesses like yours succeed. With our carefully curated team of expert marketers, content strategists, out-of-the-box creatives, and advertising gurus - growing your business in the ways you need it most is what we do best.

Our highly experienced and thought provoking team will create a custom-made plan, based on your challenges, needs, and budget. We then pair that with what makes the most sense in reaching your company goals, while strategizing the most streamlined, cost effective, and results producing route to get you there.

We believe in the power modern day marketing, in innovative advertising, and in combining creativity and science based data to fully optimize your brand awareness and results driven success through the power of human emotion.

Let us show you how.
Ship-Right Solutions

Ship-Right Solutions is an ever-growing fulfillment and outsourced customer service company that has a long history of fulfilling expectations. Our team, along with our partners, work to meet and exceed your businesses needs across several verticals to provide best in class service. Explore our client testimonials and case studies to learn about our proven track record of helping companies like yours thrive. Want to stay in the “know” about what’s happening here at Ship-Right? Keep up with us by learning more about upcoming industry events and company news.