For the longest time, ecommerce technology lacked the innovation and sophistication required to meet the complex needs of subscription and recurring billing models, let alone performance marketing merchants. Faced with a lack of quality choices, merchants pieced together mismatched point-solutions and home grown bits and pieces creating inefficient, complex, and costly processing environments.

LimeLight changed that.

Founded in 2008, we started building core transaction execution and processing functions designed specifically for the performance-based marketer, now defined within the subscription ecommerce segment. Spanning the entire value chain, linking where your customers come from with the details of processing and support, we deliver the intelligence you need to acquire customers, process transactions, manage risk, and improve your bottom line.

With a team of engineers, data scientists, and seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in performance marketing, mobile payments, and enterprise technology, we’re excited to work with our global clients who push us to take our solution to the next level.