CES 2019 Liveblog: Tuesday’s News and Photos, Live From Las Vegas

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Welcome to day two of our CES 2019 liveblog. Tuesday is the first really big day of the show—the day when the expo halls open to the public. While doing the rounds yesterday, we saw a bevy of innovative and funky gadgets. But today is the day the spectacle of CES really kicks into full gear. Walls of televisions. Armies of robots. Miles of lines. Scroll down to see reports from Tuesday at CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the newest updates appearing at the top.

Ride On

Amy Lombard

7:00 am: We’ve seen a lot of products aimed at the differently-abled, but none were more surprising than the Onewheel. Their latest iteration, with updated Gemini firmware, allows users to customize their ride completely. At a press preview, we met Derrick Ross, who got his updated Onewheel XR+ through the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF). Derrick lost his leg during a roadside bombing in Afghanistan and now rides a Onewheel to help him maneuver, pain-free, through his house; bomb down massive mountains; and recapture some of the freedom and exhilaration of movement that he had before he was injured.—Adrienne So

Feel the Burn

Toying Around

7:00 am: There are plenty of toys that purport to teach younger children to code with markers, cubes or blocks. But the Hack computer is aimed at entertaining and educating the older and more sophisticated tween set. It’s a safe, ad-free, virus-resistant, and most importantly, real ASUS laptop that uses the Linux-based Endless Operating System to let kids learn about coding in a playful and friendly way, with a subscription service that gives kids access to colorful, hackable games and stories.—Adrienne So

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