Consulting firms are encroaching on the advertising business. Here's why Burger King's top marketing exec doesn't buy into the consulting firm hype.


If the writing wasn’t already on the wall, Accenture Interactive’s recent acquisition of creative agency Droga5 confirms that consulting firms want a bigger piece of the advertising business.

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But Fernando Machado, the global chief marketing officer of Burger King, doesn’t see the fast-food chain using consulting firms for their creative work.

“I don’t see the value [in working with them],” Machado told Business Insider in a recent interview. “I have not seen any groundbreaking creativity coming from there, and I have not seen creative people dying to go to work for a consulting firm, either.”

Burger King still employs them for larger business problems, like entering a new market or fixing the supply chain — tasks they’re traditionally known for, he said.

But Machado said agencies have helped Burger King develop creativity into a competitive advantage. In that way, Burger King is bucking the in-housing trend, and is not among the 78% of brands part of the Association of National Advertisers that reported having an in-house agency function in 2018.

“Burger King is not