Customer data breach concerns to pose risk to ecommerce future


Customer data breach concerns are set to pose a risk to ecommerce future, hindering sellers’ attempts to personalise the customer experience.

Sellers are eagerly adopting new technologies to leverage new opportunities. However, new risks are emerging. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the need to protect personal data and their privacy to reduce the risk of fraud, identity theft and misuse of their data. They also expect companies to be transparent about the data they hold on them, what they use it for and how it is protected.

Data breaches are not uncommon. High profile cases have drawn attention to the ethical use and protection of data with many companies on the receiving end of negative headlines and a consumer backlash.

Gaining and maintaining consumer trust is critical for merchants who house millions of digital profiles. Trust is an intangible asset, but if lost, result in very concrete impacts.

Increased scrutiny of online channels

In recent times, social media companies have been under intense scrutiny as users question the use of their data.

According to The Digital Tipping Point report by RetailEconomics shoppers have reacted, editing privacy setting on their accounts and/or mobile phones. More than a quarter of respondents

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