Dick’s Sees Sales Slide But Profits Hold In Q3


Sales were down in Q3 Dick’s Sporting goods – the retailer announced a net sales decline of 4.5 percent year-over-year to $1.86 billion.  eCommerce sales were on the incline – up 16 percent in total and reaching about 12 percent of total net sales. That’s an increase on the 10 percent eCommerce represented a year ago at this time.

The eCommerce increases, however, were not enough to offset falling same-store sale traffic which declined 3.9 percent during the quarter. Net income, however, picked up, reading $37.8 million in Q3, up from $36.9 million a year ago.

Sales declines were largely attributed to Dick’s decision to pull back its offering in hunting goods and electronics, CEO Ed Stack noted that comp sales were in line with what the retailer had expected during the quarter.

Analysts, however, took a somewhat dimmer view of the results. GlobalData Retail Managing Director Neil Saunders noted that Dick’s efforts to thin its assortment have been a boost to margins, but a drag on revenue overall – and that not all of the retailer troubles this quarter are due to choice it has made.

“In our view, paring back on the range is sensible and is needed to both streamline the business and make shopping at Dick’s easier,” he said in an email to Retail Dive. “We do not believe that all of the declines are down to conscious decisions: we think Dick’s is being blown off course by a number of unfavorable dynamics.”

Included among those unfavorable dynamics is a change in consumer preference when it comes to where they purchase athletic gear.  Serious athletes tend to flock toward higher-end and more sports-focused brands like Nike and Peloton. For less seriously athletic consumers middle-market mass merchants like Targets and Kohl’s are eating up an increasing amount of market share.

Saunders also noted that the brand has yet to find a way to make up for the revenue lost by discontinuing gun and ammunition sales – a move that alienated some gun owners from the brand.  And, he noted, the shopping experience still needs works.

“Despite attempts to thin down the offer, the amount of choice is still overwhelming, especially in apparel. Little attempt has been made to create an aspirational and engaging shopping experience — something that is vital if customers are to be enticed into stores.”

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