Disruption Plus


There’s a chicken-and-egg issue with digital disruption. Making decisions based on numbers instead of gut instinct is recognized to be a superior approach in many situations, but before you can get to decision making, people have to be able to use things like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Humans are not naturals when it comes to numbers; thinking back to high school algebra is all it takes to convince most of us.

Humans are really good at things like relationships and reading faces. So there should be a natural association between providing crunched numbers to customer-facing employees and their use. Before you can expect employees to take on thinking with numbers more than they ever have, however, it’s got to be dead solid easy to crunch the numbers and deliver their meaning.

For much of the AI universe so far, that crunching and delivery has been focused on things involving a next-best algorithm. Next-best offer in sales perhaps, or next-best service solution in customer service. There’s a lot more we can do.

Salesforce Delivers Einstein Analytics for a Broader Audience

Salesforce on Wednesday announced four new products based on its Einstein analytics engine, which are designed to spread analytics to