Ethereum Continues to Lead the Way in Enterprise Blockchain Adoption


Most of the world’s largest companies experimenting with blockchain are apparently doing so on Ethereum. Amongst the notable names are Fidelity, Google, and HTC.Blockchain spending has been increasing dramatically over the last few years and it looks like the number two crypto by market capitalisation is leading the way in terms of corporate adoption.Much of Ethereum’s Fabled EEA Still Interested in the PlatformFor many Ether investors, enterprise adoption is all important. In 2017, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announcements were often accompanied by massive price surges for the number two crypto by market capitalisation. Names likes Deloitte, National Bank of Canada, Samsung SDS, and Toyota and many more were gradually added to the list. Meanwhile, investors waited for one of these massive companies to develop a killer application for the blockchain that requires the use of vast quantities of Ether, thus sending the price rocketing.Things have not exactly turned out as many had expected. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has not been in the news much of late and there is no corporate use case of the blockchain that has sent the price parabolic again. However, development is clearly still going on.EEA announcements have inspired their fair share of ETH price runs