Evangelizing SEO: The Can’t-Lose Case for Your Content Team by @teetee_rex


Everyone knows SEO and content are birds of a feather, right?


Many content marketers I speak to still see SEO as a technical checklist they have to use to get people to their content.

They view SEO is a chore or a necessary evil or, dare I say it, a boring part of their jobs.

Well, they’re wrong.

SEO is a superpower for content marketers.

It’s a direct connection to the customer voice. It’s the radioactive spider bite to the Peter Parker of content strategy. And, most importantly, it’s a way for content marketers to be more creative, not less.

Here are three ways to evangelize SEO to your content marketing colleagues that will are guaranteed to win you some converts (and a closer relationship between SEO and content).

1. Drive Creative Ideation Using Keyword Clouds

Content marketers have a responsibility to do keyword research for their content.

But too often they approach it in a painfully old-school way:

Find an idea. Create the content. Ret-con titles, headers, URLs, and other elements to align with keywords.

On enterprise marketing teams, that might be an even more protracted process, with the SEO team providing keyword research to content marketers or

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