Everything I love and hate about Apple's newest Mac Mini


I bought a Mac Mini because I wanted a desktop computer that could run the Mac operating system, and I wanted to be able to choose my own monitor. The monitors built into the iMac and iMac Pro are nice, but they’re expensive and difficult to repair, and I wanted to be able to customize my own office space a little more.

The Mac Mini excels as a desktop computer for work. It’s fast, efficient, and pin-drop quiet.

The few drawbacks, to me, were in the details. Given the steep price of the new computer, I was bummed that Apple didn’t include any extra cables or adapters — requiring more separate purchases — and I would’ve loved more ports to connect even more devices and accessories. Those details don’t ultimately ruin the experience for me, though.

Is the Mac Mini the right purchase for you? It depends what you want out of a computer. If you want something that just works right out of the box, this isn’t it; the Mac Mini is simply a starting point that requires you go out and complete the setup or swap in your own keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup.

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