Five simple (and effective) chatbot builders


 Providing excellent customer service is an exercise in patience. Chances are, you get the same questions over and over again, via your website, social media, or other messaging platforms: What are your hours? Where is the closest store to me? Do you have this in blue?

Having a customer service chatbot answer those recurring questions immediately not only improves the customer experience but also saves your company the hours spent answering common queries so that your customer service reps can tackle bigger problems.

But that’s not all chatbots can do. Many brands are using chatbots to both help answer common customer service-related questions as well as make product recommendations, record customer preferences, and improve business branding.

For example, UK-based supermarket chain Lidl went beyond the standard question-answering customer service chatbot and created a product recommendation engine that was fun and easy to use. Their chatbot, called Margot, helped customers choose the perfect wine. Margot not only answers typical wine-related questions, such as “What wine goes best with salmon?”, it also understands emojis, so users who want a perfect red to pair with pizza can relay that information in a fun way and receive a lighthearted, conversational response. All told, Margot

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