Fraudsters manipulated eBay listings to defraud customers


The US Department of Justice announced yesterday that two fraudsters had manipulated eBay listings to defraud customers.

A US federal jury convicted the pair of Romanian nationals over a scheme which infected shoppers’ computers with malware to steal their credit card details and other information to sell on the dark market websites.

Fraudsters had created 1,000 fraudulent eBay listings for automobiles, motorcycles and other high-priced goods. Photos of the listings were infected with malware which redirected computers that clicked on the image to fake webpages, designed to resemble legitimate eBay pages. Shoppers paid for the goods but never received the items or their money back. The verdict states that this has resulted in a loss of millions of dollars.

The evidence as presented at a trial set out an international criminal enterprise with victims around the world, including people here in Northern Ohio. While they stole millions of dollars, what they thought was a veil of anonymity was no protection against law enforcement, who worked diligently to track them down and bring them to justice in an American courthouse.”
– Justin Herdman, US Attorney of the Northern District of Ohio

This news highlight the dynamic landscape in which international

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