Free Google AI Image Analysis Tool by @martinibuster


A new tool published by Google analyzes your images. The machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithm tells you what it thinks the image is relevant for.

This tool demonstrates Google’s AI and Machine Learning algorithms for understanding images. It’s a part of Google’s Cloud Vision products.

Does Cloud Vision Tool Reflect Google’s Algorithm?

Most tools and search commands that Google offers have historically not reflected the algorithm that Google uses for rankings. So it’s likely this tool does not offer a glimpse into how Google ranks images.

However, it is a great tool for understanding how Google’s AI and Machine Learning algorithms can understand your image.

This information can be used to improve your image so that it accurately reflects the topic of your web page.

What is the Google Image Tool?

The tool is a way to demo Google’s Cloud Vision API. Cloud Vision API is a cloud service that can allow you to add image analysis features to apps and websites.

The tool itself allows you to upload an image and it tells you how Google’s machine learning algorithm interprets it.

These are seven ways Google’s image analysis tools classifies uploaded images:

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