Free Law Project’s Courtlistener Repository Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations


On Monday, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters learned that the popular website that focuses on U.S. court documents and the litigation system,, is accepting BCH for donations. Courtlistener captures hundreds of thousands of visitors every month by making high quality legal data widely available.

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An Email Can Go a Long Way

On June 17, one of the moderators of the Reddit forum r/btc (Beijing Bitcoins) announced that he’d again convinced a very popular website to accept BCH donations. Last March, the avid BCH supporter persuaded the owner of to accept the decentralized currency for subscriptions. This time around, he emailed the popular litigation website and convinced them to accept bitcoin cash as well.

“I’ve been relying on this site a lot recently to follow developments in the Kleiman v. Wright case and I noticed that their donation page already had BTC as an option, so I decided to shoot them an email,” the r/btc moderator stated.

“I notice that your donation page already includes the option to donate with Bitcoin (BTC),” the email to Courtlistener read. “Unfortunately, the fees on BTC are very high rendering it not-very-useful

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