Game of Game of Thrones: season 8, episode 3, The Long Night


Well, shit.

How are we feeling, people? If you’re, like me, over-caffeinated and still bouncing around after last night’s episode, who can blame you? Alternatively, if you’re still playing around with the brightness and contrast settings on your TV or laptop in an attempt to make out anything from that poorly lit episode, know that you’re not alone. “The Long Night” was a wild ride, and although there are sure to be many takes on what it all means for the final few episodes, plus a few how-to guides on increasing the contrast settings for your $1,000 television set, we’re here to talk fantasy draft.

Unlike last week, which featured little to no violence, meaning players saw most of the points bestowed on their characters for quirky or punchy one-liners, last night’s episode was all about carnage. I mean, just death after death after death. Then those dead people came back to life just to die again! There were few mic-dropping one-liners in this episode, but the number of people who could deliver those snarky comebacks was literally cut down, and most of the rest of the cast didn’t have the breath