Google Does Not Give Special Treatment to Content in a Blockquote by @MattGSouthern


Google’s John Mueller recently addressed the use of the blockquote element, saying it’s not treated in any special way.

Mueller responded to a thread on Reddit from a user asking if putting content in a blockquote would prevent it from being seen as duplicate.

In short, the answer is no. Google will crawl the content just as it would anything else.

When Google sees a blockquote it will not disregard the content while assuming it’s from another source.

That’s a good thing because maybe the author went out of their way to gather original quotes for an article. So it wouldn’t be fair to disregard all content in blockquotes.

However, it will do a site no favors if a significant amount of content in a blockquote does come from another source.

Here’s what Mueller has to say about it:

“Google doesn’t treat “blockquote” or any of the other elements in a special way when it comes to quoting other pages. The important part is really just to make sure that whatever you’re publishing has unique value of its own. If it’s just a rehash of someone else’s content (quoting it) with no added value, then that doesn’t really leave

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