Google Says You Are Not Entitled to Links by @martinibuster


A recent exchange on Twitter between Rand Fishkin and Google’s Danny Sullivan highlighted the tension between Google and the SEO community regarding links.  This time it was over the idea of links to sources that are quoted by websites like news organizations. Are sources quoted by news organizations and other sites entitled to a do-follow link?

Are News Sources Entitled to a Link?

I have seen anecdotal reports on Facebook and Twitter of news organizations refusing to link to a source that is quoted in an article. Many in the SEO industry believe that if they or their client is quoted in a news article that they are entitled to a link back to their website.

Rand Fishkin resurrected this idea when he tweeted:

“Every website’s ToS should include something like: “Screenshots of this website, quotes taken from our text content, and any references to our brand, domain, or web pages must include a search-engine-followable HTML link.

Because when other sites write about you/use your stuff, they *should* be linking, and it should be a ToS violation when they don’t.
Pointing an obstinate author of a piece that uses a screenshot of/quote from your site to said ToS can ease