Google Search Console is Still Affected by Indexing Bug by @MattGSouthern


Google’s indexing bug was resolved last week, but Search Console is still recovering.

Site owners may notice their index coverage and enhancement reports in Search Console have not been updated recently.

In addition, the URL inspection tool may return data that is not reflective of the live status.

However, Google says the URL inspection tool can still be used to resubmit pages, but be aware the status report might not be correct.

Google will provide an official update when the issues with Search Console are resolved.

The important thing is that the issue is resolved in search results, so your pages are indexed even if Search Console isn’t saying so.

In order to be sure your pages are indexed, Google recommends using a ‘site:’ search.

If you discover there are still pages missing from Google’s index after doing a ‘site:’ search, then there’s likely an issue specific to your site.

Site-specific issues can be diagnosed by submitting a thread to Google’s webmaster community message board.

What has happened so far

Here’s a quick refresh on what’s been going on with Google’s indexing bug.

On April 4, SEOs and site owners began reporting that a significant amount of their site’s pages

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