Google Works To Fix How Many Legs Horses & Snakes Have


For the past few days or so, folks on social media are going a bit nuts about how Google doesn’t know how many legs a horse or snake have. If you try to Google it, Google will tell you horses have six legs and snakes have four legs – this is no joke.

Try it by searching for [how many legs does a horse have] and you will get:

Try [how many legs does a snake have]:

Danny Sullivan from Google said Google got it wrong and the team is looking how they can mess up on something so obvious. He wrote on Twitter “We’re aware of that. It’s also a pretty weird case. It’s a search that’s not often done because people largely already know how many legs a horse has. And there’s not a lot of authoritative content on the topic because who’s writing about something well known like this….”

Here are his tweets, although he probably responded to over a dozen complaints about this on Twitter:

As for what will happen, when we encounter things like this, we look to understand why what got selected gave a false positive & work to improve so

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