Google's Waze wants more outdoor advertising dollars. Here are pitch decks it is using to sell itself as a complement to out-of-home ads.


Since launching its ads platform in 2012, the Google-owned navigation app Waze has run ad campaigns for several local and big-name advertisers. Now, it’s trying to become a bigger advertising platform.

“It’s really about coming of age and being clear on our value proposition,” Suzie Reider, managing director of Waze Ads, said at a company briefing with reporters last week. “We do one thing incredibly well, which is getting people to locations.”

To start, Waze made its Zero-Speed Takeover ad unit available through Google’s programmatic suite. Media buyers can now buy the unit within Display & Video 360 — formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager — and target its 115 million users with first, second or third-party data.

Waze also integrated with Google’s buy-side ad server Campaign Manager, which lets buyers measure their Waze campaigns against other buys for reach and frequency; and partnered with IRI to measure in-store sales lift for packaged goods.

Waze has been pitching itself as a digital complement to out-of-home ads

Finally, Waze is increasing its play for out-of-home budgets. Waze has been making the rounds with agencies in recent months and offering them incentives to spend more with Waze through its Display and Video