Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Fold: more than just a concept


Two months after an announcement where Samsung talked about the Galaxy Fold but didn’t allow anybody to actually touch it, we finally got our hands on it today. The $1,980 device begins shipping on April 26th, but it will likely be in very limited quantities.

Here’s the TL;DR most of you are waiting for: it feels much more stable and polished than I expected going in, but there is still some work to be done on the software. Okay, here’s what you are really waiting to know: you can see (and feel) the crease on the folding screen, but it’s really not that noticeable and perhaps worth the trade-off of having a big screen that you can fold up.

Buying the first iteration of any new kind of gadget is fraught with risk. And the Fold is a first: it’s a phone with a 4.6-inch screen that folds out to reveal a 7.3-inch tablet inside. That’s how we’ve all thought of it, anyway: as a folding phone. But after using the Galaxy Fold for about an hour today, I’ve started to come around to thinking of it as a small tablet that happens

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