Here’s your fast track to a lucrative DevOps career, all for only $25


New product development has grown up in the digital age. Companies used to just mine a good idea, pick a smart guy and push a stack of cash toward making it happen, then sit back and wait for the smart guy to say he was finished.

Well, the stack of cash needed to get a new product to market has now ballooned into a heaping boatload of cash. So companies can’t just cross their fingers and hope it all works out anymore. They need an identifiable, quantifiable path to success; a proven methodology which a qualified DevOps professional can offer.

For the uninitiated, DevOps is a methodology that merges development and operations teams into one, empowering companies to create better products with faster delivery and greater efficiency. You can train up to be a skilled DevOps pro with the coursework in The Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle. It’s on sale now at 87 percent off its regular price, just $25 from TNW Deals.

This six-course collection features over 84 hours of intensive training in the art of new product creation. Here’s what’s included:

DevOps Monitoring (a $33 value) DevOps Cloud Engineering (a $33 value) DevOps Tools of the Trade: Part 1