'How about paying your taxes?' A Walmart exec hit back at Jeff Bezos after he called out the company's low minimum wage


A top Walmart executive has struck out at Amazon for its low tax contributions, after Jeff Bezos called out the retail giant for paying its workers a lower minimum wage than Amazon.

On Thursday, Walmart’s executive vice president of corporate affairs, Dan Bartlett, tagged Bezos in a tweet which said: “Hey retail competitors out there (you know who you are 😉) how about paying your taxes?”

Bartlett was responding Bezos’ challenge to retailers on Thursday to boost their minimum wage and keep up with Amazon, who made theirs $15 in October 2018.

“Today I challenge our top retail competitors (you know who you are!) to match our employee benefits and our $15 minimum wage,” Bezos wrote in a letter to shareholders.

“Do it! Better yet, go to $16 and throw the gauntlet back at us. It’s a kind of competition that will benefit everyone.”

Dan Bartlett, when he worked as Counselor to the President in the administration of George W. Bush. AP Charles Dharapak

In 2018 Amazon paid $0 in federal income taxes for the second year in a row, despite recording a profit of $11.2 billion.

Critics say the company exploits legal loopholes to keep this figure low. Amazon