How One Change Can Increase Product Reviews


Because of technology like one-click payments and data-driven product recommendations, it is now easier than ever to purchase many products in one fell swoop. In reality, roughly 60 percent of the transactions that we’ve observed have more than one product in this purchase.

However, while shoppers are buying more than one item at a time, retailers traditionally have not successfully gathered reviews on all of those products. Until today, most retailers have just asked for a review for a number of the things in a multi-item order and required consumers to navigate into multiple pages to write reviews for numerous products. This is a huge missed opportunity—particularly when you consider the more reviews that a product has, the bigger the impact on conversion rate.

Bearing this in mind, ranking and reviews programs are streamlining the review process to allow consumers to quickly review numerous products from one page. This permits brands and retailers to increase overall product coverage and create a high quantity of quality content resulting in a positive effect on conversion and overall earnings.

For instance, let’s say a customer purchases a pair of jeans, shoes, along with a belt. After receiving her purchase, the shopper receives a post-buy email with every one of these products on the order, allowing her to quickly publish multiple reviews from one page, rather than having to navigate to a different page for each item.

This not only prevents the consumer from being bombarded with several emails or needing to navigate into numerous pages to write testimonials but also helps retailers more effectively capture feedback for each and everything in that order.

We have found that when merchants simplify the write-a-review process and permit customers to review all of the purchases within one page, review collection rates can rise by up to 400 percent.

By collecting reviews for many items within a multi-product transaction, you’ll not just increase overall content collection, but only drive higher conversion rates. As an additional incentive, the more reviews you collect and share, the more trust and loyalty you can build among your customers.