How Quality Packaging Impacts the Customer Experience


eCommerce Consumers have unlimited options for what to purchase and from whom. Retailers are trying to stand out with a superior customer experience to grab their attention. But many continue to neglect the significance of the delivery packaging of the product as they push for faithful customers and orders.

For the case study, we wanted to measure how important packaging is to the normal shopper to show retailers how much a difference is made by packaging for shipping.

Below are the key findings for merchants from a 2015 eCommerce Packaging Study.

Premium Packaging Affects Your Brand

Consumers have low expectations for how their online orders will be packaged upon arrival at their door. In a world of plain cardboard boxes, we were not surprised to discover that two-thirds of consumers state their decision to shop with a merchant, in the long run, isn’t affected by packaging. The packaging experience might be boring, but customers are used to it and don’t demand more.

A retailer’s packaging can nevertheless provide a massive increase if done well by the brand. Our analysis found that sixty-one percent of shoppers think that superior packaging makes a brand seem more upscale. Forty-nine percent of shoppers say that they get excited about unboxing a package delivered in premium packaging. Even if consumers don’t expect high-quality packaging, they do enjoy it and view brands more positively when they deliver an upscale experience to their homes.

Brands first should ensure that the package will arrive in good shape and in time to create the best impression. Beyond that, a retailer needs to consider the unboxing as part of the experience if they plan specialized packaging. Everything from how the product is nestled in the tissue paper to where the return slip is, impacts the encounter. Go through the process of unpacking your orders as a client would to identify pain points and opportunities such as samples or even a note.

High-Quality Packaging Encourages Recommendations

Shoppers like to brag on their social media networks about purchases, and over their online orders too. Their testimonials, both informal and formal, can spread quickly and have a major effect on sales. After brands develop their product correctly, it is in their best interest to cultivate this kind of word-of-mouth marketing.

Our analysis found that branded packaging is a key driver of shopper conversation. Forty percent of shoppers say packaging makes them more inclined to recommend a product and they’re currently making these recommendations online. Fifty-four percent of those who shared online an image of a purchase did so to recommend it to family and friends.
Brands need to motivate shoppers to post images on media using a branded hashtag or tagging a managed account. Most importantly, brands need to be certain the packaging speaks for itself. Consumers like to flaunt, so a high-end experience will prompt them to share.

Social Media Reviews Matter

Once product pictures are shared by shoppers on the internet, they’re available to that shopper’s extended networking network and possibly to the general public at large to inform shoppers’ product research.

Over fifty percent of our survey respondents used websites to discover video or images of a product they were thinking about buying. Even more significant are these pictures’ impact on buying behavior. We found that sixty-one percent of shoppers were convinced to purchase after looking up product images.

No longer can a brand curate on their websites and social media channels their product image and opinions that they approve. These days, brands take on a life of their own on social media. Retailers need to consider if their online image is what they want to portray as a shopper makes a purchase decision. If not, they need to address what consumers discuss which makes them cringe. To counteract the inevitable negative post, retailers can feature positive consumer images on their own social channels to encourage additional sharing and extend the reach of their best product photos.

Brands who are looking to make an impression on their shoppers would be sensible to design their packaging to reflect their brand image that is desired. After the packaging is right, consumers will enjoy their experience and be prepared to share on their reviews on social media. That kind of earned word-of-mouth marketing pays off because consumers are authentically sharing their thoughts and their love for the brand.