How to Find the Right Web Host for your eCommerce Site


New research from various sources published by Statista found that there were an estimated 1.2 billion online shoppers during 2017. Experts also forecast that number to double within the next half a decade, which is a great indication that more and more shoppers are purchasing online.

When shopping online, your customers mainly care about their user experience such and may ask questions like: Is the website easy to navigate? Does it provide enough information about your goods or services to make a purchase decision? Is the checkout process as streamlined as possible? If any of these experiences fail, they may decide to abandon their shopping carts and turn to a competitor.

If you have limited experience in website design or user experience (aka UX) and want to address all the above pain points, then you need to find the right web host for your eCommerce site. Here are a few things to consider when you are searching for the right one.

Consider Your Business Goals

Before you begin your search, evaluate your products and services and decide how you would like your website to run. Although the top web hosting services offer robust packages like access to your own server, 24/7 tech support, and the whole 9 yards, if you are a relatively small to medium sized operation, you will not need such services. Consider looking into smaller offerings like a Virtual Private Servers (VPS).  

Talk with a Web Developer

Along with developing your actual eCommerce site, your web developer has extensive insight into the potential of web hosting services. Since he or she created the code for how our website operates, they know exactly what they will need from a web hosting perspective. Consulting with your web developer will save you time and effort if you are not sure about the finer point of how your eCommerce platform will run.

Check the Reviews

Much like the customers that you cater to on your eCommerce site, you know that reviews help inform the purchasing decision. So when it comes to sifting through the many web hosting providers out there, look at what people are saying about them. If you know the scale of your website, look for reviews from users with similar needs. Search your industry blogs, and post in your LinkedIn groups to get real first-hand experiences from web host customers.  

Security is Key

Since your eCommerce website will surely be getting some sensitive personal information from your customers such as payment data, seek a web hosting provider with the most powerful security solutions including website locks, SSL, backups, and other considerations that will keep both your data and your customer’s data safe from breaches.

Look for Best Quality, Not Value

You have to work within your budget, but web hosting is not something that you want to pinch pennies on. Some web hosting providers offer specialized software for their servers, or extended cybersecurity benefits that are well worth the price. If what you’re considering out of a web host is critical and will cause a greater return on investments, then go for it with confidence.