How to set a monthly budget for your Google Play purchases on Android


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Google has updated its Play Store with a handy new feature that lets you set a monthly budget to help keep your app and digital media purchases in check.

It’s not perfect; the tool only displays a notification above the ‘buy’ button to let you know you’ll cross your limit, instead of preventing your purchase entirely (or at least letting you opt for this).

Still, it’s useful for folks who frequently find themselves spending away in Google’s store – and it covers not just apps, but also books, movies, and music. Here’s how to use it on your Android device.

Launch Google Play on your phone or tablet, and tap the menu button at the top of the screen to open the left sidebar. Tap on Account, and then tap the Purchase History tab. You’ll see a monthly budget at the top of this tab, along with an option to set it up in your local currency.

Set a budget (left), and Google will track your purchases against it (right)

Tap Edit Budget, and enter