InterStellar and the Marriage Between Business and Blockchain


This past week, folks at the Money 20/20 USA convention in Las Vegas we inundated by exciting news from the forefronts of biztech and fintech. Amongst the merging technologies, blockchain is playing an ever-more prominent role in creating efficiencies in business.

Chain co-founder/CEO Adam Ludwin and Stellar founder Jed McCaleb announced the merger of Chain and the Stellar-based subsidiary Lightyear into a new venture called Interstellar last month. During their speeches during Money 20/20, Ludwin stressed Interstellar’s main purpose to bring blockchain efficiencies like tokenization to every aspect of business operations.

Ludwin’s San Francisco-based technology company Chain was founded in 2014 with the purpose of building financial institutions a blockchain accounting model to make it easy for them to manage and secure business assets and to plug into public blockchain networks. Chain has brought blockchain to NASDAQ, Visa, Citigroup, to name a few notable companies. Now, with its merger with Lightyear, the fledgling InterStellar unites Chain’s blockchain technologies with Stellar’s global public ledger, making managing assets easily scalable.

Ludwin shared his vision of how assets of all kinds can be tokenized and transferred around the world seamlessly with the audience of Money 20/20. The implications being improved efficiencies, scalability, and integrity across all business operations. The marriage between blockchain technology and business could be the future of commerce.

There will be lots more coverage of events from Money 20/20 on Ecommerce Daily News. Stay tuned for new announcements.