Israeli team says it will build a second lunar lander after its first one crashed into the Moon


Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL has officially decided to build a second lunar lander after its first lunar lander crashed into the surface of the Moon last week. Morris Kahn, the Israeli entrepreneur who backed much of SpaceIL’s first mission, announced the decision on Twitter this weekend. However, the nonprofit has not provided many details about when and how the second mission will take place.

“In the light of all the support that I’ve got, from all over the world, and the wonderful messages of support and encouragement and excitement, I’ve decided we’re going to actually establish Beresheet Shtayim,” Kahn said in a video posted on Saturday, April 13th. “Beresheet,” which means “Genesis” in Hebrew, was the name of the first lander, and “shtayim” means “two.” “We’re going to actually… build a new chalalit — a new spacecraft. We’re going to put it on the Moon, and we’re going to complete the mission.”

SpaceIL’s original Beresheet lander got incredibly close to landing on the lunar surface on Thursday, April 11th, but it ultimately failed just moments before touchdown. The lander, which was in orbit around the Moon, ignited its onboard engine to slow itself down and descend to the lunar surface. As