Kinsta Spotlight: The Best WordPress Hosting on the Market


Note: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Kinsta. We have been using and paying for Kinsta for 2+ years and are currently hosting all of our sites with Kinsta.

If you’ve ever searched for website hosting online, you probably know how varied the options can be. With so many website hosting providers out there offering a wide variety of different services spanning a broad range of prices, knowing what’s truly the best hosting provider for your online website can be confusing. Throw beginners into the mix who don’t really know what to prioritize in a web hosting provider and factor in online blogs that recommend web hosting providers based on how good their affiliate programs are, it just makes this space even more confusing. So, putting our own two cents into the mix to help demystify some of the confusion, we’ve created this Kinsta Review to demonstrate why they’re the top web hosting provider on the market and why we have been using them for the last two years.

Note: Web hosting reviews can get pretty technical — in this post we’re aiming to bridge the gap between being very technical but also understandable for the users who