Logitech’s new $250 Harmony Express remote puts Alexa in control


Logitech just announced a new remote control that shakes up what consumers have come to expect from the company’s Harmony lineup. The $249.99 Harmony Express, which starts shipping today, has a revamped, tiny design that gets rid of the touchscreen and many programmable buttons of other Harmony remotes. Instead, Logitech is betting everything on Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Alexa is built right into the remote itself; yes, there’s a microphone in there, along with a speaker so you can hear Alexa’s responses. If Logitech’s other Harmony remotes are aimed at the home theater enthusiast crowd, the Express is meant for casual consumers who want to walk into their living room, turn on the TV, and get to Netflix or Prime Video with voice commands. That sounds great in theory, but my time with the Express so far shows that Alexa might not yet be ready to handle all that responsibility.

Also, why in the world is this thing $250? Plenty of TVs and streaming platforms like Roku and Fire TV already support Alexa. Is Logitech’s ability to control a vast number of living room devices worth such a premium? Voice search is a nice bonus to have on

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