Manual Actions & How to Write Reconsideration Requests That Work by @schachin


You wake up one day with a message in Google Search Console that says Google has given you a manual action (what we often call in the industry a penalty).


After you manage to calm down, you ask yourself, OK, now what?

The process is simple.

First, you will have to do the work to fix the issue and then you are going to ask Google, in a reconsideration request, to check your work and remove the devaluation.

But the devil is in the details.

What is the actual process for getting a manual action removed?

What are manual actions in the first place?

Manual Actions

Many people use the word “penalty” to refer to any Google algorithm change that “negatively affects” their site. But this is an inaccurate use of the word.

While updates can devalue your site, they can also “upvalue” your site. Because algorithm updates can increase or decrease site visibility these are not “penalties.” Penalties are downward affecting and unidirectional.

The only true “penalties” are the manual actions Google reports to you in Google Search Console (GSC). This is also why you should always set up GSC for every site you own.

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