Markets Insider launches private-company data pages with help from Crunchbase


If you’re a loyal user of Markets Insider, you might have noticed something new on the site this week.

Thanks to a partnership with Crunchbase, information about thousands of private companies is appearing on Markets Insider for the first time.

To explore the new data, try reading a couple of the stories we’ve already written using it, like “PagerDuty, the 3rd unicorn IPO of the year, rockets higher by 50% in its trading debut” or “The IPO market has come storming back. Nasdaq’s head of healthcare listings gave us the lay of the land”.

Or maybe you have a specific company in mind that you want to investigate further. If that’s the case, try searching for the company in the top right, in the same way you’re used to searching for stocks or ETFs on Markets Insider.

If you do, you’ll find yourself on a brand new type of page on Markets Insider, the private company data page.

Markets Insider

Curious about Airbnb, Slack, or Stripe? Markets Insider now has that information. On their respective company pages, you’ll find information about the company valuations, as well as their founders, board, and recent funding rounds.

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