Microsoft Surface Hub 2 first look: a collaborative PC made for the future


Microsoft has been obsessed with giant touchscreen displays for years. Every once in a while, the company creates a future vision video where everyone in an office is doing their work collaboratively on huge displays mounted on walls. It seems really far out there, but that future is now starting to arrive with the Surface Hub 2.

At the most basic level, it’s a giant conference room display that will ship in both 50- and 85-inch versions, but Microsoft is really pitching this as something far more. It’s really designed for meeting rooms of the future, where people are expected to collaborate using the screen, rather than just sit and watch a presentation. It certainly doesn’t look like your typical boring conference room TV that you’d see in a meeting room today.

“The unique thing about the Hub, in comparison with the rest of the Surface line, is that it’s not a personal computer,” explains Microsoft’s hardware design chief Ralf Groene, in an interview with The Verge. “It’s really a computer that belongs to a space.”

I traveled to Microsoft’s campus earlier this month to get a closer look at the Surface Hub 2, all of its optional extras, and