New beauty treatments marketplace: Regi


Regi, a new online marketplace have launched by the pharmaceutical company, Allergan to offer consumers a variety of beauty treatments in the US.

Merchants who specialise in beauty treatments are invited to join Regi. They will get an opportunity to offer beauty procedures to consumers in Los Angeles and New York. The marketplace promise to increase their reach as they expand to more US cities.

The marketplace can be accessed via a website or an iPhone app. Shoppers who wish to book a treatment including lashes, hair, makeup, injectables and body contouring can register an account and choose the desired procedure.

How to join Regi?

Sellers who want to trade on the marketplace should register an Allergan account. The markerplace says that merchants who want to get onboard need to embody the Allergan spirit and demonstrate an understanding of technology and social media.

Consumers are accustomed to having everything at their fingertips – with digital apps and services providing access to just about anything imaginable. However, there wasn’t a place where one could book both a massage and an injectable treatment within one platform. We like to think of Regi as filling that space in the market.”
– Alexandra Wilkis