New ChannelAdvisor features for 2019


There have been a raft of new ChannelAdvisor features released this month, giving advanced capabilities to help brands and retailers optimize their online strategies including increased product visibility, and they can increase sales with improved demand forecasting and advanced pricing strategies.

New ChannelAdvisor features for 2019 Repricing

Velocity Repricer to create automated rules that adapt to fluctuations in market demand. For example, this solution makes it possible to reduce prices on stale, slow-moving inventory to improve competitive positioning or increase prices on faster-moving inventory to improve margins.

Amazon Pricing Console so you can get all the ASIN-level data you need, plus Amazon repricing tools and calculators, in one streamlined location. You can see the latest intel on your competitors, get up-to-date data on your ASINs, adjust minimums and maximums and change repricer rules all in one place.

Demand Forecaster

ChannelAdvisor Demand Forecaster gives per-product estimates of stock needed for the next 30, 60 or 90 days and forecasts by channel, category and fulfillment type. You can find out when inventory will be depleted, and even calculate the costs you’ll incur from insufficient or excess stock.

Where to Buy

ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy solution aims to highlight on a brand or