PayPal Ecommerce Platform Now Available to SMBs


PayPal’s e-commerce platform, used by Instagram Shopping and Facebook Marketplace, is now available to companies of all sizes.

Small businesses will soon have the ability to take advantage of the same online shopping infrastructure used by Instagram and Facebook as PayPal has announced that it is rolling out a new eCommerce platform.

The new platform will combine exiting portions of the organization’s payments business, for example, allowing retailers to take money shoppers and online to check out through PayPal.

Small companies will also get access to PayPal’s backend systems such as fraud protection, compliance and authenticating an account.

The PayPal Commerce Platform enables the following features:

  • Join with over 277 million active users
  • Directly accept more than 100 monies
  • Simplified compliance with local authorities in over 200 markets
  • Advanced fraud and risk tools powered by AI and machine learning informed by trillions of trades
  • Access to payment services like cellular POS, business funding, and also the ability to offer customer credit for purchases

Currently, the two Instagram Checkout and Facebook Marketplace happen to be running on PayPal’s platform and small companies will soon be able to leverage the same backend tools and services.

PayPal’s business is already comprised of partners and online marketplaces and the company has expanded well beyond online checkout because being spun off from eBay in 2015.

Throughout its last earnings call, the organization’s COO Bill Ready stated PayPal’s top 20 marketplaces grew by 40 per year over year and nearly reached $90bn in volume last year alone.

The new commerce platform will also incorporate other backend processes such as onboarding, disputes and payouts direction, AI and machine learning-powered fraud protection.

Though the PayPal eCommerce system may be available to SMBs, their stringent rules regarding high risk business types will still apply to their credit card processing services.